Salmon Tacos

Super quick and easy to make, these salmon tacos are a great addition to Mexican night! Seasoned salmon fillet is topped with a homemade avocado salsa for one delicious and fresh bite.

Salmon Olive Oil | Chili Powder Salt | Black Pepper Cumin | Onion Powder  Fresh Lime Juice


Avocado | Red Onion | Cilantro Garlic | Fresh Lime Juice Olive Oil | Salt and Pepper


Brush salmon with olive oil and season with spices.  Cook over medium high heat on the skillet until cooked through or until the internal temperature reaches 145 F.  Drizzle lime juice over cooked salmon.


In a mixing bowl gently toss together avocado salsa ingredients (diced avocado, red onion, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, and olive oil) while seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.

Warm your tortillas.  Break salmon into small pieces and layer over the center of tortillas, add cabbage, avocado salsa and Feta cheese.  Serve warm.

Recipe Variations

– Make it spicy by adding some cayenne to the salmon. – You can swap the lime juice for lemon juice. – Add other toppings like sliced jalapenos, sour cream or refried beans.

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Tips & Notes

– Take care not to overcook your salmon or it can dry out. – Warm your tortillas before using them. this will make them more pliable so they won’t rip when you fill them. – Set up a taco bar with your favorite toppings so everyone can help themselves. It’s fun for them and less work for you!