Peel & Mince 

How To 


Learning how to peel and mince garlic is a basic skill that will come in handy for many dishes and recipes. This step-by-step guide and my easy tips will help you!

How to Mince Garlic

Loosen garlic cloves

Cut the root end of each clove

Peel the garlic clove

How to Mince Garlic

Slice the clove lengthwise

Then slice it crosswise

Press clove with fork

Use a garlic press

Grate in Microplane

Other Ways to Mince Garlic

Use a food processor 


Q: Is garlic powder the same as minced?

Q: How many cloves of garlic equal a teaspoon?

A: one medium sized clove is about one teaspoon. 

A: No, garlic powder is dried & ground fresh garlic. 

Tips & Tricks

Don't chop in advance

The finer minced the stronger the flavor

When cooking add garlic after other veggies

Don't cook over high heat