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    This Greek salad is brimming with flavor – loaded with delicious fresh vegetables, olives, chickpeas, and feta cheese tossed in a light and refreshing greek salad dressing.

    Greek salad or Khoriatiki salad is a salad in the Mediterranean cuisine. It’s a well-known classic salad which is common not only in Greece but also in the Mediterranean region. Greek salad is made with pieces of tomatoes, red bell pepper, sliced cucumbers, onion, chickpeas, feta cheese, and olives, typically seasoned with salt and oregano, and dressed with olive oil and vinegar.

    Easy Greek Salad

    If you are looking for a quick and light side dish that everyone will love, make this Greek Salad. I make it for every potluck during the summer and everyone raves about it. It tastes amazing with fresh juicy tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. It’s so light and refreshing. I grew up with Mediterranean cuisine and we used to eat this salad every single day in the summer – lunch, and dinner!


    Best Greek Salad


    The Ultimate Greek Salad Recipe

    It’s very easy to make this light and refreshing salad – it takes only about 15 minutes to chop the vegetables and toss them in a bowl with a light dressing. The hardest part about this salad is going to be getting the groceries. Scratch that, that’s not hard. Okay, the most time-consuming part of the salad assembly is going to be the chopping of the vegetables. I usually chop the tomatoes (you can use different varieties of tomatoes to add more color, texture and flavors) and bell pepper in bite-sized pieces, half the cucumber lengthwise and slice it, and thinly slice the onion.

    Because red onions can be quite sharp in flavor, some people recommend to soak them in vinegar or lemon juice for several minutes before adding them to the salad. I like their taste the way they are but if you prefer you can soak them first.

    A Greek salad wouldn’t be Greek without the olives and feta cheese. While most Greek salads call for Kalamata olives, you can also use black olives if that is your preference. I also like to use Bulgarian feta cheese because I find it’s creamier and tastier. But you can choose a feta cheese from any country if you like one better than the other.

    Greek Salad

    Greek Salad Dressing

    I love that this Greek Salad dressing is so simple to make yet it packs so much flavor! You don’t need fancy, hard to find ingredients for the dressing – just olive oil, red wine vinegar, parsley, oregano, salt and black pepper. Ingredients that you usually have on hand. I use this simple salad dressing as a go-to dressing on a lot of other salads as well.

    Greek Salad Recipe


    What To Serve With This Greek Salad

    This salad goes wonderfully with roasted or grilled chicken, and even with baked salmon. You can even serve it as a main course if you add grilled chicken or salmon on top, or as a side dish to the recipes below:

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    Honey Sriracha SalmonGreek Salad

    How To Make The Best Greek Salad

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    Easy Greek Salad
    Best Greek Salad
    Prep Time
    15 mins
    Total Time
    15 mins

    This Greek salad is brimming with flavor - loaded with delicious fresh vegetables, olives, chickpeas, and feta cheese tossed in a light and refreshing greek salad dressing.

    Course: Salad, Side Dishes
    Cuisine: Mediterranean
    Keyword: Gluten Free, Healthy, Low Carb, Low Fat, Summer, Vegetarian
    Servings: 4
    Calories: 273 kcal
    Author: Neli @ Delicious Meets Healthy
    Greek Salad
    • 2 large tomatoes , cut into 1-inch pieces
    • 1 red bell pepper , cut into 1-inch pieces
    • 1 long English cucumber (or 2 medium garden cucumbers) , quartered lengthwise and chopped into 1/2-inch pieces
    • 1 medium red onion , thinly sliced
    • 1/2 cup black pitted olives , halved lengthwise
    • 1/2 cup chickpeas
    • 1/2 cup Greek feta cheese , cubed
    Greek Salad Dressing
    1. Place the tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber, onion, olives and chickpeas in a salad bowl and toss gently to combine.

    2. Combine the salt, black pepper, olive oil, vinegar, oregano, and parsley in a small bowl, and mix. Pour the Greek dressing over the salad, add the cubed feta cheese and toss gently to combine.

    Recipe Video

    Nutrition Facts
    Best Greek Salad
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 273 Calories from Fat 180
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 20g 31%
    Saturated Fat 5g 25%
    Cholesterol 16mg 5%
    Sodium 1064mg 44%
    Potassium 450mg 13%
    Total Carbohydrates 17g 6%
    Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
    Sugars 7g
    Protein 6g 12%
    Vitamin A 39.7%
    Vitamin C 67.6%
    Calcium 14.5%
    Iron 9.8%
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    Greek Salad
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    I agree! It is the Best Greek Salad. Chickpeas are a wonderful addition. I used white wine vinegar since I didn’t have red, I will have to try it with red. Thanks for this!

    Greek salads are my FAVORITE!! I’m definitely going to make this over the weekend!

    This salad is so colorful, and it looks like it is bursting with flavor! I can’t wait to try it!

    It’s been unexpectedly sunny and warm here in Scotland the last few days after some really cold weather, so I am right in the mood for salads. This was very well timed. Shared1

    Greek salad is probably my second favorite salad (Caesar is my first). Yours looks perfect! And I agree, it’s not a Greek salad without the olives and feta 🙂

    I love Greek salad especially in summer. It’s perfect for outdoor entertaining, isn’t it? 🙂


    You can’t beat a classic Greek salad. We are a tonne of this when we were island hopping round Greece.


    Greek salad is my FAVORITE! But I never add chickpeas in mine! Thanks for the idea 🙂

    This salad looks so fresh and delicious, and I love the the addition of chickpeas!

    You make vegetables and fruits feel so appetizing. I’m sure the feta and chickpea go really well. I’m saving this for later.

    This greek salad looks amazing! Perfect for all the veggies in season now.


    This looks incredible! Nothing can top greek salad!

    Liz Worgul

    Do the chickpeas need to be cooked?

    Nancy Loveland

    Hi…. I always thought Greek Salad also had lettuce, but this recipe does not call for it. Can lettuce be added? We often have salad for dinner with no meat or fish added to it.

      Hi Nancy, yes, you can add lettuce. I grew up in a Mediterranean country eating Greek Salad almost every day in the summer, and we usually didn’t add any lettuce, but I think it will be a great addition. Enjoy!

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